Digital Hearing Aids

OEM Hearing Aid Digital Rechargeable ITE Pocket Ear Hear Aids Machine

About of OEM Hearing Aid

Model: C600

Use time: ≤30H

Battery type: Lithium battery

Charging time: ≤2H

Power on:

Remove the hearing aid from the charging box and it will automatically turn on after 5-10 seconds.

Power off:

Put the hearing aid back in the charging case and the hearing aid automatically shuts down.

Volume/Programs: Short press 1s to adjust the volume, long press 2s to change mode

Type of hearing aid: OEM Hearing Aid

Product Details

Feature of C600 Hearing Aid Digital

3 built-in programs

Low Battery warning

Magnetic charging method

6 channels 12 frequency bands

Push the button for volume & programs switch

Charge case can recharge the hearing aid 6-7 times

Automatic feedback compression DFS system

Smart noise reduction

Fully digital signal processing

Intelligent noise reduction system

Automatic feedback compression DFS system

Charge case with type-C interface & wireless charging function

Product Manual

Peak OSPL90(dB SPL)≤113dB
OSPL90-HFA(dB SPL)101±4dB
Peak Gain(dB)≤41dB
HFA/FOG Gain(dB)28±4dB
Equivalent input noise(dB)≤32dB
Frequency response range(Hz)F1≤350Hz F2≥3500Hz
Harmonic distortion≤3%

Packing of C600 Digital Hearing Aid

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