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Certified hearing aid manufacturers from China

ELHearing occupies an area of 3000 square meters and has own integrated R&D, manufacturing, and quality control team and facilities. Established in 2014, the entire ELHearing family has been dedicated to providing affordable hearing aids to the hearing impaired around the world.

We pursue high standards of hearing aids, using imported chips, raw materials, independent research, and development of core algorithms, strict control of each production process, and layer-by-layer detection through the FDA, FCC, and ROHS certificates to ensure that users use high-quality hearing aids.

Our products are successfully entered more than 50 countries. Such as the USA, India, Japan, etc. ELHearing is willing to establish win-win cooperation with you.


3000+ square meter

10 production lines

100000+pcs/monthly capacity


We have a Strong R&D team, launch

12 new products every year at least


We are ISO 13485 certified, and get

many product certificate. Such as



Provide professional after-sales

service team to solve customer


Self-fitting BTE Hearing Aids

Bluetooth ITE Hearing Aids

Bluetooth ITE Hearing Aids

Product Categories

ELHearing as one of the professional hearing aids manufacturers, produces a full range of hearing aids, including BTE, ITE, ITC, CIC, Rechargeable, Digital, Bluetooth, Analog, Battery, Programmable, Self-fitting, OTC hearing aid and hearing aids accessories, we also provide oem & odm hearing aids service for customer.

Production Process

We pursue high-quality hearing aids, strictly control every production process, and conduct layer by layer testing

Receiver Component Processing

Battery Component Processing


Gluing And Capping Process

Electrical Test

Manual Hearing Test

External Assessment


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Contact us at any time and our engineers will give you a professional reply within 24 hours. Our hearing aids can improve your business and make the beautiful voices of the world clearer.

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