Bluetooth Hearing Aids

RIC BTE Hearing Aids With Bluetooth Self-fitting Digital Rechargeable Noise Canceling

About of Ric Hearing Aid with Bluetooth :

Model: Discovery CR430S B+

Use time: Hearing aid mode≥18H, Bluetooth mode≥5H

Battery type: Lithium battery

Charging time: ≤2H

Power on:

  • Remove hearing aids from charging box, automatic open hearing aids.
  • long press the multi-function button to open 3shearing aids.

Power off:

  • Will hearing aids in the charging box, hearing aids automatically shut down.
  • Long press 6 seconds hearing aid multi-function close the hearing aid.


Volume/Programs: Short press 1s to adjust the volume, long press 2s to change mode

Type of hearing aid: RIC BTE Hearing Aids

Product Details

Advantage of RIC Hearing Aid

● Bluetooth audio
● App hearing evaluation
● User DIY frequencies
● Low battery warning
● On-the-go charging case
● Phone calling through devices
● Noise reduction
● Whistle suppression
● MPO control
● 3 programs, 10 volume levels
● 8 channels 12 frequency bands

Peak OSPL90(dB SPL)110±4dB
OSPL90-HFA(dB SPL)106±4dB
Peak Gain(dB)36±5dB
HFA/FOG Gain(dB)32±5dB
Equivalent input noise(dB)≤32dB
Frequency response range(Hz)F1≤200Hz F2≥5000Hz
Harmonic distortion≤3%

How to connect Bluetooth of RIC Hearing Aid

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