Analog Rechargeable Hearing Aids (Yunting CN127)

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Analog ITC hearing aid with digital display charging box

“Yunting CN127” is an ITC analog rechargeable hearing aid with digital display charging box developed by our company. Protable mobile charging box, can be placed in pocket, weight is also light weight than eggs, can charge hearing aids anytime, anywhere. Newly upgraded hearing aids are rechargeable with wireless magnetic charging. As long as the hearing amplifier is placed in the stylish charging box, the charging mode will be turned on automatically. It takes 2 hours to fully charge and can be used for 30 hours. The charging case can recharge the hearing aid 2-3 times when fully charged. The digital display series hearing aids are comfortable to wear and easy to use, you can easily adjust the volume of the hearing aids to meet your basic hearing needs.

Pruduct parameters

Peak OSPL90(dB SPL)




Peak Gain(dB )


HFA/FOG Gain(dB )


Equivalent input noise(dB)


Frequency response range

F1≤300Hz, F2≥3500Hz

Harmonic distortion


Battery drain


 Product graphic


  1. Volume control
  2. Microphone
  3. Earplugs
  4. Speaker
  5. Magnetic suction point
  6. Charging Point

Does not distinguish between left and right ears, universal hearing aids.

Operation guide

1.Power on

Take the device outof the charging case.

2.Power off

Put the device intothe charging case.

Note: For the first use, please remove the power protection sticker from the device.

3. Volume Adjustment

Adjust the volume of the hearing aid through the volume adjustment knob.

Turn clockwise to increase the volume Decrease the volume of the hearing aid

How to use

1.At the time of purchase, an M size ear tip is attached.if it doesnot fit your ears, the sound is difficult to hear, or you hear bee- ping, replace the ear tips with the supplied S size or L size.

2. Pinch the hearing aid with your thumb and index finger, andplace the earplug side in the ear canal, insert the hearing aid into the ear canal comfortably.

3.Rotate the hearing aid to snap it into your ear and wear it comf-ortably and set the volume to an appropriate level.


Charing case

  1. Left hearing aid charging indicator
  2. Right hearing aid charging indicator
  3. Charging case digital battery indicator
  4. Charging case charging interface

How to charge

Charing case

1) Plug the small Type-C cable tip into the charging Case. Plug the large USB-A end into a USB-A power source such as a wall charger or your computer.

2) The digital indication represents the charging status of the charging case

Hearing aid

Hearing aid

1) Put the hearing aid into the charging case, it will automatically recognize the charging, and stop automatically when fully charged.

2) The green light flashes when the hearing aid is charging, and turns off automatically when fully charged.

Charging Time


Rated Working Time



During the use of hearing aids, it may happen that the hearing aids cannot be charged. This situation is likely to be caused by poor contact of the charging contacts, which can be solved by the following methods:

  1. Put the hearing aid back into the charging case and twist thehearing aid left and right.

2.Clean the hearing aid charging contacts and the charging contacts of the charging case.

Hearing aids care

– Keep your hearing aids clean. Extreme temperatures (heat or cold), moisture, and foreign substances can result in poor performance.

– Use the cleaning brush tool or soft cloth to clean debris from around the buttons, microphones, and charging contacts; inspect the receiver, ear tips, and charging case regularly.

– Never use water. solvents. cleaning fluids or oils to clean your hearing aids.

– Charging contacts should always be kept clean and dry.

– Always store your hearing aids in the charging case when not in use or cleaning. 

Charging Case Care

– Keep your charger clean. Heat, moisture and foreign materials can result in poor performance.

– Using the provided cleaning brush keep the charging ports clear of debris.

– Do not use water, solvents or cleaning fluids to clean the charging ports.

– Store your charger in a clean and dry location, i.e. a dresser or shelf rather than the bathroom or kitchen.

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