ITE Rechargeable Hearing Aids (Breeze CN125)

Elderly Sound Amplifier Analog Hearing Aid

“Breeze CN125” is one of our latest ITE Analog hearing aids in 2023. The compact design of the hearing aid allows it to fit comfortably into the ear, not obtrusive and comfortable to wear. The hearing aids device come with 8 levels of volume and 2 programs, can adapt to different environments, whether at home or in the noisy street, all sounds can be heard clearly. The convenient lithium charging box can provide approximately 5 additional full charges for a pair of hearing aids. All functions are controlled by one key depending on how the button is pressed.

New Hearing Aid

Pruduct parameters

Peak OSPL90(dB SPL)




Peak Gain(dB )


HFA/FOG Gain(dB )


Equivalent input noise(dB)


Frequency response range

F1≤250Hz, F2≥5000Hz

Harmonic distortion


Battery drain



Hearing aid

Charging box

Charging time



Service time


For a pair of hearing aids

charging about 4 times

 Product graphic

① Charging contact ② Light sensing contact ③ Earplug ④ Sound producing hole ⑤ Magnetic contact⑥ Hearing aid charging indicator light ⑦ Charging indicator light for charging box ⑧ Microphone⑨ Multi-function button

Operation guide

  1. Power on

Remove the hearing aid from the charging box, the hearing aid opens automatically after 5 seconds.

  1. Power off

Will the hearing aid in the charging box, the hearing aid automatically shut down

  1. Hearing aid charging

Hearing aid to be included in the charging box, hearing aid will automatically start charging.

Charging status

Light is state

In charge

The hearing aid charge indicator lights up

Charge completion

The hearing aid charging indicator is off

4. Charging box charging

The charging case has a power storage function to charge hearing aids. When the charging indication of the charging case has only one light and flashes, it means that the charging case is not have enough power, Please charge it in time:
The hearing aid is charged by connecting the charging box to a power source.

The charging box has 4 charging indicators, which flash when charging the hearing aid charging indicator. When the 25% charging box is full of the charging box, the charging indicator will be long bright 1 grid.

Replace earplugs

Inappropriate earplugs may cause the hearing aid to whistle and the ear canal to feel swollen, so we recommend that you choose the right earplugs for replacement.

Step 1: Pinch the body of the hearing aid with one hand and remove the inappropriate earplugs with the other hand.

Step 2: Choose the earplugs from the gift earplugs that fifit the size of your ear canal, align them with the sound hole and insert them for installation.

Wearing a hearing aid

Step 1: Pinch the hearing aid tightly between your thumb and forefinger, align the hearing aid with the ear canal, and insert the hearing aid comfortably into the ear canal.

Step 2: Fine-tune the hearing aid to a comfortable position.

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