New Rechargeable Bluetooth Hearing Aids(D930)

hearing aids bluetooth

ITE ITC Digital Hearing Aid

“D930” is a multi-channel digital hearing aid device. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 By connecting mobile phones and other Bluetooth transmitters, you can easily make calls, listen to music, watch TV and other audio directly. With superior sound quality and thoughtful design, when you are familiar with using D930, it will bring you a more exciting world with sound, bless you.

App users can do the following:

  1. Adjust the volume.
  2. Switch between different hearing aidprograms.
  3. Adjust the MPO size.
  4. Adjust the gain in different frequency bands.
  5. Turn on/off feedback and noise reduction.
  6. Streaming function(Listen music and phone call)
  7. Check the battery powerand connection status.
hearing aids rechargeable bluetooth

Product parameters

Peak OSPL90(dB SPL)

≤ 120dB



Peak Gain(dB )

≤ 42dB

HFA/FOG Gain(dB )


Equivalent input noise(dB)


Frequency response range

F1 ≤350Hz, F2≥4000Hz

Harmonic distortion


Battery drain



Hearing aid

Charging box

Charging time



Service time

Hearing aid mode: 15-20 H

Bluetooth mode: 5-7 H

Charge a pair of hearing

aids about 2 times

Pruduct graphic

  • Microphone
  • Volume control/ Program switch
  • Charging contacts
  • Ear dome


Hearing aid on/off

Turn on
– Automatic: take it out of the charging box;
– Manual: press and hold the VC button for 5S to turn on.

Turn off
– Automatic: put it back in the charging box;
– Manual: Press and hold the VC button for 5S to turn off.

Adjusting Volume Levels

When in amplifier mode:

– Short press the VC button on device to adjust the volume levels

– Volume levels change in cycle, such as 1…5…10…1…5…10.

  • When in bluetooth mode:

– Volume levels need to be adjusted on your phone.

Tips: You will hear a SINGLE beep when the volume is adjusted. DOUBLE beeps when volume limit has been reached.

How To Change Programs

Long press the VC button on device for 2s to change programs. Programs change in cycle, such as 1-2-3-1-2-3

  • P1: General Hearing Mode
  • P2: Noise Reduction Hearing Mode
  • P3: Outdoor Hearing Mode

you will hear the beep(s).

Tips: Devices will remember the setting that used last time.

3 Programs



P1: General Hearing Mode

In a constant quiet environment like at home having a conversation with people.


P2: Noise Reduction Hearing Mode

In a noise restaurant having a

conversation with people beside you.

Beep, beep

P3: Outdoor Hearing Mode

In a loud place with limited noise level around you.

Beep, beep, beep

How To Wear The Device

  • Hold your hearing device with your thumb and forefinger.
  • Gently push the hearing device into your ear until it feels comfortable in
  • Gently insert the device into your ear canal. your canal.
  • Make sure you insert the device as quickly as possible to avoid feedback.


To help wearing, you can pull the outer ear backwards and upwards with the opposite hand.

The device would whistle for a while until the eartip feels secure and tight.

Pair With Mobile Phone For The First Time

Take the hearing device out of the charging box.

Turn on the Bluetooth in your phone settings to allow the phone to communicate with the device.

You can wear it normally after pairing it successfully


The First connection requires manual pairing, and the second and subsequent connections are automatic connections (if the phone is difficult to connect, please connect manually).

When the mobile phone is not connected within 3 minutes after the signal search, the Bluetooth function will be turned off.

If the connection fails, please close the bluetooth page and open it again.

How To Make Calls And Listen To Music

After completing the pairing, wear your hearing devices.

  • Answer the call: short press the VC button on one device to answer the call or press the answer on your mobile phone.
  • Hang up the call:short press the VC button on one device to hang up the call or hang up on your mobile phone
hearing aid earphone

After completing the pairing, wear your hearing devices.

Open the music/video on the mobile phone and play it, and then you can hear the music/video.

Stop playback:short press the VC button to stop or stoping on the phone, and then the devices will automatically switch to amplifier mode.

Replay: the Bluetooth connection is successful, play the audio again on your phone, and you can listen to the music through hearing devices again.

Prompt Tone

Turn off devices: POWER OFF

Bluetooth connection is successful: CONNECTED

Bluetooth disconnected: DISCONNECTED

Low voltage prompt: LOW BATTERY


After the Bluetooth connection is successful.

1.When you have been wearing the hearing devices, the Bluetooth will always be connected.

2.When you turn off the hearing devices manually or put it back in the charging case, the Bluetooth will disconnect.

3.When you turn on the hearing devices manually or take it out of the charging case, the Bluetooth will automatically connect again.

Charging Box

hearing aid earphone
① Power Indicator
  • Charging: white
  • Discharge: white
  • Full charge: light off
② Devices Charging Indicators
  • Charging: Breathing light white
  • Full charge: lights off
  • ③ Type-C charging interface
    hearing aids for the deaf

    Charging The Hearing Devices

    • This product includes the hearing devices and a charging case.
    • Before using the hearing devices for the first time, it is recommended that you charge it for 3-4 hours.
    • The hearing devices has a built-in and non-removable rechargeable battery.
    • The charging case has a built-in and non-removable rechargeable battery.
    • Be sure to keep the devices dry before charging.
    • Please make sure to charge and use the hearing devices in the operating temperature range: +5°to +40°C (41°to 104°F).

    Battery Reminder

    • When the mobile phone is paired with Bluetooth, the hearing device function and the Bluetooth audio function exist at the same time, and they are automatically switched according to the user‘s operation needs.
    • When the battery is low, the Bluetooth connection function will automatically disconnect and notice: low battery, please charge. At this time, the hearing device function can still last for about 10-30 minutes, and then the hearing device function is completely closed.
    • The charging box of this product has a power storage function. It is recommended to maintain sufficient power for the power storage function to ensure the long-term battery life of the hearing device.

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