Mini CIC Hearing Aids (Tango CN430S)

cic hearing aid invisible

Mini CIC Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid Invisible

“Tango CN430S” is one of our latest CIC digital hearing aids in 2023. The hearing aid device owns a very small volume, which is highly favored by customers all over the world. Equipped with advanced imported digital chip, it offers four scene modes for customers to choose according to environments and an outstanding adaptive feedback/whistle suppression. And more importantly, it can work for 28 hours after fully charged.

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Product parameters

Peak OSPL90(dB SPL)




Peak Gain(dB )


HFA/FOG Gain(dB )


Equivalent input noise(dB)


Frequency response range

F1≤250Hz F2≥5000Hz

Harmonic distortion


Battery drain



Hearing aid

Charging box

Charging time



Service time


12 Times for Single Unit

6 Times for Two Units

 Packing list

pocket hearing aids

Pruduct graphic

rechargeable hearing aid invisible hearing

① Pull wire ② Earplugs ③ Microphone ④ Charging contact ⑤ Multi function button ⑥ Hearing aid harging indicator ⑦ Charging box charge indicator ⑧ Charging port

Operation guide

  1. Power on

Remove the hearing aid from the charging box and it will automatically turn on after 5-10 seconds.

  1. Power off

Put the hearing aid back in the charging case and the hearing aid automatically shuts down.

mini hearing aid rechargeable hearing aids

3.Hearing aid charging

Place your hearing aid in a charging case. The hearing aid will automatically start charging. The hearing aid charge indicator lights up one panel for each 25% charge.

mini hearing aid rechargeable hearing aids

4.Charging box charging

The charging case has a power storage function to charge hearing aids. When the charging indication of the charging case has only one light and flashes, it means that the charging case is not enough power, please charge it in time:

  • The hearing aid is charged by connecting the charging box to a power source. The charging box has 4 charging indicators, which flflash when charging the hearing aid charging indicator. When the 25% charging box is full of the charging box, the charging indicator will be long bright 1 grid.
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Replace earplugs

In order to make users have a better wearing experience, we will give away 3 pairs of earplugs of different sizes. You can try replacing earplugs when problems such as swelling of the ear canal and loud hearing aids occur.

Step 1: Pinch the body of the hearing aid with one hand and remove the inappropriate earplugs with the other hand.

medical hearing aid

Step 2: Choose your size from the available earplugs.

hearing aids black

Step 3: Insert the appropriate earplugs into the sound hole of the hearing aid to ensure that they are securely installed.

iic hearing aid

Wearing a hearing aid

Step 1: Pinch the hearing aid between your thumb and forefinger and carefully insert it into the ear canal.

deafness hearing aids

Step 2: The hearing aid can be removed by pulling the cable.

deafness hearing aids

Volume/program adjustment

  1. Volume adjustment

The volume increases from low to high by levels 1-9. Press the key for 1S to hear a “beep” sound. The volume increases by one level until the “beep” sound reaches its loudest.

  1. Program adjustment

Long press the hearing aid key 2S after hearing the prompt tone to adjust the program level, according to the different prompt tone to judge the current program.

deafness hearing aids
  1. Program introduction

There are four different programs for hearing aids and they are suitable for different environments.

Cue tone



Quiet mode

“Toot, toot”

Noisy mode

“Toot, toot, toot”

Outdoor mode

“Toot, toot, toot,toot”

Musical pattern



Applicable environment


Quiet mode

Suitable for quiet environment


Noisy mode

Suitable for noisy environment


Outdoor mode

Suitable for outdoor environment


Musical pattern

Suitable for listening to music



Daily maintenance & maintenance

Hearing aids are sophisticated and sensitive electronic equipment, so pay special attention to the daily maintenance of hearing aids:

  • When cleaning, please use a soft dry cloth or tissue paper to wipe the grease or moisture offff the hearing aid shell. Do not use household cleaning products (washing liquid, laundry detergent, soap, etc.) to clean your hearing aid.
  • Remove the earwax mesh cover frequently, clean it with a small dry brush, and replace it if necessary. Please consult an auditor for specifific replacement methods.
  • Do not place hearing aids in the hot sun, near furnaces or other heat sources.
  • Do not use hearing aids in showers, swimming, in rainy. environments, or in environments with high humidity.
  • Carefully protect the hearing aid from falling onto the ground or other hard surfaces.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals or strong cleaners.

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